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Understanding Serger Stitch Types


Overlock? Cover stitch? Flatlock? Rolled hem? Ah! So many stitch types! 
When it comes to sergers, there are many different stitch types so we have explained the most common for you. Luckily, the stitch names usually describe what the stitches do.

    • An overlock stitch encases the seam and locks the edge of the fabric with threads to keep the edge from raveling and give a professional finish.
    • A cover stitch is used most commonly to create a hem. The hem fabric is folded and the stitches cover the folded, raw edge. Cover stitches are commonly found on store-bought t-shirts.
    • A flatlock stitch, as the name implies, joins two separate pieces of fabric in a seam that opens out flat.
    • A rolled hem covers the edge of fabric in a tiny roll of thread. This is most commonly seen on lightweight fabrics and table napkins.
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